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Wad with colored spectre effect?

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There was a wad, which I cannot remember the name of, that used some sort of Boom or ZDoom effect to make spectres different colors. The particular level that featured this effect had a night sky on both the floor and ceiling (I assume which was to facilitate the effect).

Does anyone know what wad this was, or how to reproduce the effect?

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EarthQuake said:

Boom or ZDoom effect

Heh, these engines are 'slightly' different. I think there is no problem to make colored spectres with zdoom and its power.

'Also', you can make 'cool' palette replacement with such DEH:

Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0

# Note: Use the pound sign ('#') to start comment lines.

Doom version = 21
Patch format = 6

Thing 32 (Imp Fireball)
Missile damage = -3
Apply it and give Imp a chance to hurt you.

Works with 'vanilla' and chocolate.

Btw, by unknown reason, negative damage does not work in zdoom at all.

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The only spectre related thing I want, is for OpenGL ports to be able to make them actually hard to see. 100% of Spectres are reduntant in GL ports, as you can see them just as well as any other enemy...expect the Lost Soul in a dark room of course.

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Uh, not quite sure I was clear on the effect I experienced. I played a wad which had blue and red spectres. They still used the fuzz effect, but something was influencing the appearance of the fuzz effect, making them colored. I'm not sure if there was a custom colormap in effect (Boom), or if it was a ZDoom fog/color lighting effect. I'm pretty sure I played the wad with ZDoom, so I'm assuming it was either a ZDoom effect, or a Boom-compatible one. It was a software-renderer effect.

Entryway: I'm well aware of that trick, but I don't see how it relates at all to the topic at hand. :|

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*points to a Skulltag .wad called CDoom64.wad *
As much as it's all Doom64 based graphics, the specters infact have their "Demon" colouring, but translucent and darker.

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The wad was The New Adventure (thanks AirRaid), maps 27-29. The effect is done by setting a sector fade to the desired color and having all sectors where the spectres will be have brightness of 255. This makes the colormap fade to a specified color instead of black, but since the levels are full-bright, you never seen the colored fog/fading. Since the fuzz effect uses darker mappings from the colormap, they appear to be colored.

Pretty limited, but it's a neat effect.

Just wanted to show what I was talking about :


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