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Getting new textures to show up in Doombuilder. (Texture WAD added.)

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I have created some new textures in Slumped. These textures were made by mixing/matching existing stock Doom2 patches, so I haven't added any new patches. The new textures are (obviously) listed in the TEXTURE1 lump, but they are not showing up in DoomBuilder.

What else do I need to do? Do I need to still do something with the PNAMES lump? If so, how/what do I do there?

I searched the forums and found some useful stuff but couldn't find exactly this.

Also if you delete a bunch of textures from a texture pack, is there an easy way to remove any redundant patches, for the sake of WAD size?

Sorry for yet more noobish questions

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If you post your WAD I might be able to help you with your first question - you don't seem do have done anything wrong. I'm not sure about the redundant patches thing though.

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DuckReconMajor said:

Are you loading it as a resource or did you stick it in your map wad?

The WAD you are opening the map from is also loaded as a resource (although it is not shown in the list of additional resources) so it should work in either case.

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Usually, I can get my textures to work by first adding them to PNAMES and then to TEXTURE1.

EDIT - Ignore this, apparently I misunderstood what you were trying to do.

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You add your patches to PNAMES, not your textures... Kyka didn't add any new patches - his textures are all made from IWAD patches.

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The new textures are at the very bottom of the TEXTURE1 lump.

They are


Thanks if anyone wouldn't mind taking a look. :)

(I took the liberty of deleting all the actual maps from the wad, otherwise it would be a 20MB zip instead of 2MB.)

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Something really interesting just happened. I was busily working away in DB (not DB2, haven't upgraded it yet.). And I was in 3D mode, and suddenly it dropped out of 3D mode and gave me an error that said something pretty close to "Error: 3D mode out of memory." I have never had this error before.

So I restart my PC (which is about the limit of my PC troubleshooting abilities), load up the wad in question, and now the textures appear fine in DB, just like they should.

I have no idea whether these two things are related, but I'll post it, coz it might be of interest to someone.

And thanks for taking the time to look at the texture.wad for me. Apparently that wasn't the problem.

Thanks guys. :)

[edit] Just for something else!! And after another attempt, the textures don't show up in the list of displayed textures (like when you left click on a linedef and click on the actual texture image, it gives a list of all the texture images to choose from.) but it does show up if you type it in manually into the linedef edit box. Hmmm. Something fishy going on here somewhere.

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