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underwater monsters?

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when i make some levels that use a large amount of underwater parts (using transfer heights + water zone) and i want to have underwater battles, any monster that i place underwater seems to be kind of "paralysed" and hardly moves and never attacks. i get this, and it is a cool feature, but can i make monsters using DECORATE that can swim underwater and attack? i was planning on making a monster that could ONLY stay underwater, maybe a fish-like demon that attacks you in the same style as a lost soul charge except for it swims instaed of flys, and that it couldnt move above water, and would eventually die if staying above water for too long.

is this possible? i wouldnt be suprised at all if it isnt, but if it is i thought the abilty to swim would be added as a flag...

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Decorate Variables. I guess waterlevel 3 is what you are searching for, but I can't say I have ever tried it out then. So maybe another guy who has played around more with zdoom can tell you.

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