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Adding custom monsters to invasion map

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I have downloaded monsters from realm 667. And I add them to my wad writing thing number. But now I'm making invasion map. How I can add custom monsters invasion spawner?

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you will need to make a new thing using DECORATE.

in your DECORATE lump (if you dont have one, make one), make an actor like this:

ACTOR <<<insert spawner name here>>> : custommonsterinvasionspot <<<any DOOMED number here>>>
game DOOM
dropitem "<<<custom monster name here>>>"

you can add several different monsters to one custom invasion spawner, just add as many dropitem fields as you want then it will randomly pick one of them whenever it spawns something.

make sure the DOOMED number is a number that has not yet been used.
then, when you ope your map in doom builder or doom builder 2, add a thing, when finding the thing you want to add, it should be found under the DECORATE "folder". then just place it like you would any other monster invasion spot.

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Ultraboy94 said:
game DOOM

That one line is superfluous.

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it usually isnt nessecary, but i believe it stops the thing (basically "deletes" it) if the wad is loaded in, say, hexen. the thing will only work when it loads with doom, doom 2 or either final doom.

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