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Will their every be a Doom source file?

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I was just wondering if their could be ever a making of a Doom source file?

I really like your program but I would like to see a source file that does not need installing.Why I say this is because I am really not much of a fan of installing and it could take alot of space.I like those source files that include in a rar making it easier to transport to other computers or anywhere without installing.

Thank You

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The Doom source code is available on the idgames archives. But if you actually mean Doom Builder, its source code is available on source forge.

In all honesty, installing it from its source is a lot more complicated than installing it from its installer.

On the whole, your question doesn't make sense.

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My question makes perfectly sense.All I was asking was the Doom Builder program that works without installing

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You'd like a version of Doom Builder that can be copied to a flash drive - or other removable media - and run anywhere without installing? While it would be nice I don't know if it's feasible to run .NET applications that way.

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