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Ultimate invasion in UAC

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Why don't you just link to the normal YouTube URL? The quality on the one I downloaded was horrendous. I think you cranked up the music a bit too loud as well, it sounds fuzzy.

Anyway, that actually looks pretty cool.

And what is that music from? Never mind, I read the description. That's where I heard it, too, but a lot of his stuff isn't original :P

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I played this map, and saw 3D floors. I still don't know how to do that... but yeah for a first 3 maps it was ok, but the invasion map was pretty annoying seeing as for most of that map i didn't find the ammo, and where it was was nestled between two arachnotrons.

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I changed name to Perfect DooM. I have added some details and ultra violence and nightmare don't have frienldy marines. You can find this on WIP (wads in progress). If somebody know here is alredy wad named "perfect doom", tell me.

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Krispavera said:

This had better be got damned perfect.

Don't get your hopes up too high, this is his first 3 maps. Which I may disgracefully say are a hell of a lot better than my first maps.

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