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Slow Player Movement?

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So I have a need to slow the player's movement for a ZDoom weapon mod I'm working on. Anyone know to slow the player's movement via ACS or DECORATE?

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If you're using a relatively recent ZDoom, you could do so through a player class:

ACTOR PatrickPlayer : DoomPlayer
   Player.ForwardMove 0.5, 0.5
   Player.SideMove 0.5, 0.5


addplayerclass "PatrickPlayer"
There is also the ACS function SetActorProperty, but if you want it to be permanent, I'd think it'd be better to do it through Decorate.

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I'm only trying to slow the player's speed temporarily, namely when looking through the scope of a gun. Set actor property could be useful. The only problem is, how would I restore the player to normal speed?

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