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Killing things with dehacked

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It's been a while since I've used dehacked and I know somebody here will be able to answer my question pretty easily.

I'm looking to replace the light amp goggles with two looping frames to act as an object that is A) solid B) able to be killed.

I know it's possible to make it solid but is it possible to make it respond to being shot? Can you assign the item an amount of HP and make it use, say, the SS nazi frames for death?

I'm looking to make a decorative item that can be killed in net games. If you know how to do this, could you possibly show me how you would go about writing it out (I'm going to copy it and act like I did it though)?


EDIT: Oh yea, I guess bex stuff is fine too. Wad is boom compat

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The SHOOTABLE flag is what makes it take damage. It allows the object to be targeted by hitscans and projectiles and when this is done, will decrement the hit points counter. If the thing doesn't have a pain state, you should make it's pain chance 0, so it will never call a non-existing pain state (making the engine crash).

For the death animation, all you have to do is change the number that appears under the Things tab in WhackEd, and insert the number that starts off with the SS Nazi death frames. You can find this out number by looking under the States tab. If you want to shorten the death animation, so it doesn't use all the death frames of the Nazi, just make the last frame used have a duration of -1 (which means "loop forever") and set the next frame to 0 (which means "nothing"). You will also probably have to make all the codepointers NULL if they are not already.

If you want me to, I can just create the patch for you. Give me details about how many frames you want for each state, and what the items is supposed to be/do.

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