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Jekyll Grim Payne

Drawing sectors, script editor bug, automatic vertex stitching and something else

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1) I don't know how people usually do it, but I'm used to creating a vertex with Ins when starting to draw a sector. In DB1 the vertex in this case would stick to the mouse cursor, then I'd put it where I wanted and start drawing the sector. In DB2 the vertex gets drawn right away when I press Ins, and the first line of the sector is drawn from that point. It's not really a problem, but it's annoying, as I have different habits. Can it be fixed?

2) There's a serious bug with 'replace all' function in script editor. When you try to replace something with something else, that contains the original string, the function will loop and start repeating the process of replacing until the program crashes. For example you command find 'light_fade(1,255,3.0);' to 'light_fade(1,255,3.0); light_fade(2,255,3.0);', the program replaces 'light_fade(1,255,3.0);' with it, then tries to replace newly created 'light_fade(1,255,3.0);' again and so on... And you can't stop it, until it all crashes.

3) In DB1 the process of vertex stitching was considered as an action. Which means that when you pasted something, and some vertex stitched, you could just press ctrl-z to cancel that stitching. In DB2 this way you will cancel the whole pasting. Which means you have to turn off 'merge geometry' before you paste something bit like this, and I really don't like it.

4) When I edit a linedef's or a sector's or anything else's properties, when I press 'enter', the editing window doesn't close with changes accepted, it stays open and nothing happens. In DB1 you could accept changes with 'enter', and it's bugging me to do it with mouse all the time.

5) When I perform a selection of a massive structure, the selection frame is lagging behind the mouse cursor. Is it supposed to be a result of running the program on an old PC? I've got only a 1GHZ processor, but it's still kinda strange. It's just selection.

6) The problem I noticed mentioned here -- if you copy a sector, one or more linedefs of which are impassible and one-sided (i.e. are the map borders) and paste it to the other impassible one-sided linedef, the linedef(s) become passible and double-sided, which messes up the sectors.

7) Why isn't there "select all" function in script editor?

8) Before I used to pressing Alt-F-1 to open the latest previously edited wad. Now the wads that were edited and are remembered are not bound to number keys. The same is about closing the wad, you can't do it in DB2 with Alt-F-C. That's not good.

9) Will we ever be able to upload new resources in the wad through DB2?

10) Will we ever see slopes and 3d-floors in Visual Mode?

11) Why wasn't there a GZDoom config present? I had to look for it myself, as DB1 configs are not supported. BTW, why not?

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Um... I don't think I actually said a lot of kind words :) But anyway, despite the bugs, DB2 absolutely rocks. I switched to it just as I found out about it, right in the middle of a wad editing. Much more comfortable and convenient.

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