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Taking sounds out of one file and putting them in another.

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Ive made a similar thread in the past that didnt get a straight answer, but here goes. I'm looking for an accurate wad that replaces the Doom sound effects with those from the PSX version. The one I already have has some sounds wrong, and may be from Doom 64. I never got to play that, so I dont know.

I made a thread asking if there was such a file, and I was linked to an incredible Doom PSX TC, which flooded my mind with memories of my days of learning how to play Doom. The sound effects sound more natural to me than the PC ones, most especially the Cyberdemon. By god he is 1000% more imposing with his new sounds, no wonder one of the secret levels of PSX Doom (The Marshes) has you start in a room whjere you push a switch and open the door in front of you to a large open area, and lower a platform behind you with a Cyberdemon butt in your face (Maes' awesome avatar always reminds me of this level :p), who is laos in the open area. Hearing him stomp around after waking him up is nerve wracking.

But anyway, to the issue at hand. I want to extract those sounds from the TC and make a sounds-only WAD out of them. How do I do it? XWE seems incredibly buggy and glitchy and throws errors at me nonstop when dealing with the files, and I would like to have this file on hand before starting my next Doom iwad.

This is where the TC is located btw: http://cutstuff.net/blog/?page_id=57 ,incase theres something specific about the TC causing XWE to bug out.

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How is this different from your last thread?

Anyway, open PSXTC.PK3 in a zip file program. Rename it to .zip if you must, they're the same thing.

Extract the SOUND folder, within which you will find a large amount of WAV files. I think they should already be named correctly to replace their Vanilla sounds, but maybe not, you'll have to test and rename if appropriate.

Open XWE or whatever WAD tool you're using and import all those WAV files into a new WAD.

doom2 -file mypsxsound.wad

Edit: Ooh that sounds awful in PrBoom. Works in ZDoom though. Evidently you need to find out what to convert the WAV files to for Boom/Vanilla and do that.

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Well, in that thread, I was asking if there was a file already out there that was accurate. Never got much of a straight answer, and im pretty sure the wad posted was the same one I downloaded a while back, with a few different sounds.

In this thread, I want to extract them from something that has them.

The way I was trying to do it before was using XWE to take the files and paste them into a new wad. Kept getting nasty bugs and errors. A few times, every sound was replaced by the teleporting sound, wtf. XWE itself seems to be unstable on my computer.

I only use GZDoom at the moment, so converting for other ports isnt much of a priority yet :p

Anyway, I'll go try that method. Hopefully I'll have my sound wad tonight!

Edit: That worked perfectly, although is it just my imagination, but do the zombies have more sounds in the PC version? I swear I'm still hearing some PC originals. Oh well, no big deal. I have a PSX sound wad!

Also, thanks Super Jamie, it always seems to be you helping me with these things :p

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