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Lets discuss PSX Doom

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So after getting the ounds of PSX Doom TC into a seperate WAD and downloading Lost Episode, with remakes of some of PSX Doom's exclusive levels, I got an insatiable itch to play the game that taught me how to play. The Doom of my childhood so to speak.

Its been well over ten years since I last played, and it seems much of it I had forgotten.

First of all, the new sounds are much better, but only if they are alongside the new soundtrack. BY GOD I HAD FORGOTTEN THE SOUNDTRACK. Even though I have MP3s of them from Doom Depot, its a whole different thing ingame. If a creepy soundtrack can have me jumping at shadows in Episode 1 its a damn good soundtrack. Its complemented not just by the much creepier sound effects, but two more differences.

First, coloured lighting. This adds worlds of depth to the levels, even though the PSX version had piles of detail removed for the sake of perfomance. It also darkens lots of previously light areas (By comparison of course!) The computer maze in Nuclear Plant? You'll be seeing zombies everywhere. Or thinking you are. Or the infamous exit to Phobos Lab? Oh hell NO did I want to go in there. Worst of all was the maze in Central Processing. Sure its smaller than the PC Doom one, but this is where the second difference comes in.

Doom II monsters. Only appearing in Ultra-Violence, and very very sparingly, Midway put in Doom 2 monsters at the most unexpected locations. Up until Computer Station, you'll occasionaly walk around a corner and bump into a chaingunner and shit yourself. Or in secret areas (Including in E1M1, in that hidden dark passageway above the room with the slime and the imps) you'll even find yourself staring a Pain Elemental in the eye. You almost never see these encounters coming, and I jumped at almost all of them tonight. In Computer Station theres even two Revenants, which normally are one of the most dangerous enemies in Doom 2. Thankfully in PSX Doom they were nerfed, being slow as, well, a big lumbering skeleton, and having slower missiles too. Personally I think this was done to make the game fair, afterall, you cannot save in PSX Doom. Passwords, ew.

This leads to another thing for me. The atmosphere, new monsters, and monster tweaks (I swear some monsters shoot far more often than ever before) changes even the difficulty. I tend to be extremely cautious, and never take the risks I do playing the PC version. Maybe its hardcoded memories of having to do the level in one go, istead of abusing quicksaves. Maybe its complete atmosphere change, with things like dark mazes where you think you see silhouettes around every corner, firing blindly in paranoia, then getting shot in the back by an unseen assailant.

After so long, going through Episode 1 just now was both a nostalgic smack in the face, and a brand new experience for a now-veteran Doomer who knows the basic ingame mechanics of the original game inside and out. (Lets face it though, I know practically nothing about editing :p)

I actually even found Episode 1 challenging again, in a mild sort of way. I died a total of three times, twice in Computer Station (Both my own mistake, as I decided NOT to barrel genocide, and had a zombie man miss me from a mile away, only to detonate a barrel I didnt even know was there. Had to do the next sections of level at 3% health :p My other death was to the Bruiser Brothers, as I was cornered by all the Spectres and Nightmare Spectres while attempting to get them to infight with the barons. After I reloaded, I ended up with this hilarious result :p

Now I move on to Episode 2, which will bring an end to the HOLY SHIT CHAINGUNNER surprises, as they seem a bit more natural in Episode 2, though still used very sparingly like every other Doom 2 monster used in Ultimate Doom. This is something I always loved, in Episode 2 onwards they seem almost natural where they are included. At least to my decade-old memories

Things I am going to miss about Episode 2: The bigger crate maze in the PC version. I loooove crate mazes. And a proper boss level (No worries, it suits the end of Episode 3 much better). Hell Gate is fine as a mini-arena level, and is the inroduction of the AMAZING fire sky, but I still will miss my boss level.

Random notes:
E1M8's start is so much better. Piles of zombies around barrels, who all get torn to shreds when one of them tries to shoot you and kills himself and all his companions. Its just great.
Also about E1M8, the ambience will never beat Sign of Evil. That music embodies the feel of the level.
I think I prefer the non-death ending to E1M8 in this version. The original pissed me off, because it just made me think "Ok surprise, you died. Go buy the full game you cheapskate" when it happened. Sure enough I was playing the Shareware at the time, but come on.
Pain Elementals muttering from the dark depths of a maze = creepy shit
Why do I whip out my rocket launcher at low health only in this version? Sure I cant afford to start the level over, but I'm prone to gibbing myself!
Speaking of gibbing, I was rather amused to be gibbed by a Nightmare Spectre.
Speaking of Nightmare Spectres, I swear the maker of this TC has added more of them, so much more of them. Which is great, as in the version I had, they were so rare I almost didnt want to kill them.
I miss the crushing sound effect when corpses were crushed underneath a door.

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Doom veteran? ORLY? Too bad you didn't sign up to this site in the 00's. Oh and i never played the PSX doom, i only had an N64. I thought Nintendo was the shit back then. Yeah, it was to me. Then the Wii came along...

EDIT: How in the hell did you get two Barons to fight? Is in fighting different in the PSX version?

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Well it depends what you consider a veteran really :p I consider myself a veteran to Doom, due to my long history of playing and mastering all the IWADs for everything except for Doom64 (N64 only) and Plutonia (Hunted), from the usual ITYTD with cheats to the standard 100% UV runs. Friends of mine think I'm a god at the game for some reason, but yeah, in the Doomworld community here that basically breathes, I'd likely be nothing but a lowly nub, in both experience and skill :p

I really want to play Doom64, always have, but especially now that the atmosphere of PSX Doom is fresh in my mind; Its well known that Doom64 beats that by miles. I get blown away already as it is, Doom64 must be the "holy grail"

You can download a ZDoom TC for PSX Doom if you like; thats how I'm re-experiencing the game. Shame on me for losing my original disc :{{{

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You can pick up PSX Doom cheap as on eBay.

I could write alot about how I don't like the console ports. I grew up on PC Doom, PSX Doom's textures, sounds, controls and custom maps just feel out of place and not like my favorite game at all.

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I like PSX Doom and PSX Final Doom but that's because I, too, am a console gamer. I've only recently started playing Doom on the PC but I have to have a gamepad. PSX Doom is awesome, especially the music which I love but don't get me wrong, I still love the original Doom music too. However, I'm glad I've finally got to experience Doom on the PC, in it's full, original glory. I actually started out with Doom on the SNES. I know most people here will cringe at this but I absolutely loved the SNES version. I still go back and play it from time to time. It's actually kind of the hardest version of Doom cuz there are no game saves (like PSX Doom) but also, there are no passwords to reload a level with everything you had. Not the SNES, you had to play all the way through the entire game in one sitting. Granted I'm sure many people have played through the PC version in one sitting without saving but it is a requirement on the SNES and since I had never played Doom before, I had to try to beat the entire game in one sitting the very first time I played it. I doubt any of you played Doom on the PC the very first time without saving. I remember playing for hours on end cuz I would die and have to completely restart. I even remember pausing the game, leaving it turned on so I could sleep. Ah, memories. I consider myself a veteran Doomer too. I can pretty much go through any level on Ultra-Violence and beat it without too much problem. There is no level I could not beat as of yet. Of course, I've only just started playing pwads and megawads. Making my way through Plutonia 2 right now and I must say it's pretty damn tough, the toughest of any Doom I've come in contact with yet. I will probably move on to Alien Vendetta, Hell Revealed 1 & 2, Community Chest, and others. We will see if I can conquer those, on Ultra Violence, the very first time. I no longer play any Doom game on anything less than Ultra Violence, even if it is my first time playing through it.

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I personally prefer PSX Doom to PC Doom. Maybe it's because I prefer the Jaguar levels that are in this version, but either way the atmosphere is unbeatable.

The colored lighting really adds atmosphere, In the PC version, I have no problem going through any of the places you mentioned because I can actually see where I am going. Not so much on this version.

One thing you didn't mention is how some sounds echo in certain places. While I think that this can be overdone in some levels (E1M3, first room) It makes other levels seem perfect (E2M2, mix of the music and SFX in this level is perfect!).

On the topic of the two Baron's infighting, The game programmer's didn't take out the barrel suicide option in this game, so that's why they end up fighting each other. Other minor things that can be different from the PC is that Hell Knights and Baron's can fight with each other, it wasn't possible before on PC, but they can here. It is also a lot easier to gib zombiemen in this version. I've seen infighting zombiemen gib each other (funny as hell to watch) and lost souls gib zombiemen as well. I guess they have a lower hit point total in this version. I've actually noticed all of these things in Doom 64 as well, so I'm guessing William's/Midway used the same engine in each.

Also if you haven't already, I would recommend you picking up Final Doom on the PSX as well. While it doesn't have as many levels as PSX Doom, it is still a good game in it's own right. It is like a greatest hits collection of levels from the Master Levels, TNT and Plutonia.

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Playstation doom was nice, if you can live with its flaws. I have some good memories with that version of doom. Infighting between two of the same monsters happens of some rare occacions. I've seen imps and demons doing it as well. Funny and an big wtf moment when I first saw it.

No Archvile was probably my biggest dissapointment with playstation doom. And no icon of sin levels either, but that didn't bother me so much.

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Speaking of Infighting Monsters...

Once when I was playing E1M2, UV on God mode (wimp I know) and an imp on the ledge hit another imp that was in front of a barrel I just exploded. The imp in front turned around and started attacking the imp on the ledge. The imp on the bottom was able to scratch the one on top to death in the end, very weird. But just another reason to love PSX Doom. :)

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Monsters WILL attack their own kind if one hits and detonates a barrel near others of their type, thus a melee boxing match occurs which is funny when it is stronger monsters such as knights or barons clawing each other.

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PSX Doom is possibly my favourite non-PC version of Doom. I think thay did a very good job of it. It was very atmospheric and fun to play. Sure it had limitations (many imposed by the hardware) and the levels often seemed bare but it was fun.

On the sounds, I seem to be one of the few people who think that the PSX sounds are a bit over done. To me they sound very consciously beefed and echoed up to be all scary and, as a result, feel too contrived to actually be scary IMO. However, I do agree that, with the music and general ambience of PSX Doom, they work quite well. I prefer my PC sounds though. :)

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I have PSX Final Doom sitting on my shelf :p

It was actually the last game in my PS2. Somehow I had never finished the final level in it, I had done all the other 29 levels then stopped.

THe PSX Doom TC doesnt have the echoing in it, as its still a beta project. Not that I ever noticed those echoes back in the day.

No Archvile? Indeed, but you gotta admit, hes got a pretty mean right hook in this version.

I also use a controller for the game, and thakns to some visual mess ups that forced me to rest all my settings, my controller sensitivity went back up to the maximum. I ended up playing with it on that setting out of laziness to turn it back down and got used to it. Funny thing is, I'm now playing as fast as you see in the demos. My every movement is at full run speed, and I turn maybe as ast as with a mouse at that setting. I actally made my brother motion sick when he tried to watch me play :p. Its also making me tear through the levels at record speeds, I'm averaging 10 minutes a level compared to my 30 minutes to an hour on the console version.

Episode 2, is a joke in this version. Because of memory limits, lot of Episode 2 levels were greatly cut down. Containment Area is the biggest example, my jaw dropped playing that one, because I was SURE it was bigger on the PSX. Unless my version was different of course. I almost yawned through Episode 2's levels, as the simplified levels and carrying over of Episode 1's weapons basically ruined it. Not even the usual atmosphere helped much. I will say that Central Command feels more "right" to me in PSX Doom through, something about it just doesnt seem right to me on the PC. Doom 2 monsters appear more often in Episode 2, and lose most of the "wtf are you doing he- DAMAGE" effect, but are still never where you really expect. A Hell Knight was in E1M2 even, by the bridges that lower into the lava. Pain Elementals seem to be pairing up with classic Cacodemon from the original too, if theres two Cacos in a room, one on each side of a corridor, every so often, one of them is a Pain Elemental. Revenants have become the weakest Doom 2 monster, something I both like and dislike. I hate the things in normal Doom, but you got to admit, the danger of them is addicting. Ive taken every Revenant in PSX Doom so far with my berserk fists and without damage (Expect one where I did not have Berserk and was being ambushed by Nightmare Spectres. I took a Revenant rocket and they still hurt like fuck), because their just so slow now.

Barons seem to be EVERYWHERE too. I just roll my eyes at them now, because without the SSG (Which first appears in a secret level accessed from the second to last level of the Ultimate Doom levels) they always take forever to kill. Several times hey get to be flanked by Hell Knights too, especially in open areas. Which brings me to Episode 3. Episode 3 brings the difficulty back up, to the point I died on both Hell Keep (Which is a brand new MUCH BETTER level) and Pandemonium after it, both times scraping through various areas. House of Pain afterwards was also great, the difficulty went down a little, but I got to chainsaw two Barons at the end thanks to an Invuln sphere :D

I'll probably be able to finish the rest of the game today if I get started on it shortly, and I must say, a lot of my memories really are from rose-tinted glasses, but I will say this. If someone was to take the PC levels and make them BIGGER, and add the effects PSX doom uses, you'd have probably the definitive version of that game as thats the only thing that brings PSX Doom down, the shorter levels and less detailed textures. Oh, and the lack of the Archvile and Spider Mastermind. But that can be remedied. I will say this: The Cyberdemon is the scariest thing ever in PSX Doom.

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Ragnor said:

you'd have probably the definitive version of that game as thats the only thing that brings PSX Doom down, the shorter levels and less detailed textures. Oh, and the lack of the Archvile and Spider Mastermind. But that can be remedied.

Well, I personally don't care about the simplified levels, but that's probably because I played the jaguar levels first.

As for the lack of the Spider Mastermind, it isn't in PSX Final Doom, but be prepared when you get to the last PSX Doom level... ;)

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Oh come on, I know about those two :p After all I beat PSX Doom about 12 times back then, working my way from ITYTD to UV 100% runs. I still have a notebook half filled with the passwords I collected :p

I was more referring to how the game cut them out of every level they were ever in, just to keep it the "Final boss" of the game. And then ruined that by adding TWO in UV, who would just shoot each other, leaving you with a weakened mess.

Redemption Denied is one hell of an awesome final level: In sheer potential that is.

Its implementation leaves a lot to be desired though, which is why Xaser remade it in his Lost Episode

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Ragnor said:

This adds worlds of depth to the levels, even though the PSX version had piles of detail removed for the sake of perfomance.

The PSX version had piles of detail removed because they recycled the old JagDoom mapset into the Ultimate Doom Episode, for sake of convenience.
The other 35 maps in PSX Doom are, for the most part, much better.

you cannot save in PSX Doom. Passwords, ew.

Nothing wrong with PSX Doom passwords. ;)
Although they should've let you save 'em to a memory card. :p

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Episode 3 done! Tower of Babel really is the real "Dis" of Doom, no question. It fits in so perfectly after Limbo, it baffles me when I go there in Episode 2 on a PC.

PSX Unholy Cathedral had a secret area that was bugged and unopenable in the original, in this TC its been removed. Damn it, I wanted to know what was in there! Sure were a lot of Nightmare Spectres. The TC maker MUST have been replacing more Spectres with them, they were normal Spectres in my copy. Once again though, I welcome it.

Mt. Erebus...
Oh god what have they done to you?
I really like these new textures.
At least this part was kept intact! Mostly. That Mancubus looks quite at home.
The ending swarm of cacos is still there, thankfully, but they all come out of one room, and not as numerous. I died soon after this, because the lava did extreme damage and killed me before I could grab the soulsphere

Limbo is almost entirely better in this version, the atmosphere it had in the original was quite amazing right? You can imagine what its like this time. My one complaint is that the maze with the radiation suits is simplified. Hell, the millions of radsuits are still redundantly there. And despite its confusing layout that I never get the hang of, I still completed it in record time (for me)

Tower of Babel is always extremely imposing, no matter what version your playing.
When you start in a room like this, you know something is up.
I love the layout of this level. That lost soul charging past me is hiding a Mancubus, which are great additions to the level.
Oh shit!
Not like you can ever get ambushed like that, the sound of him walking around was greatly improved in this version. Much louder, and much scarier. PssshhhhhhCLUMP, PshhhhhhhCLUMP getting louder and louder. Theres a secret level in the game that makes use of this :p

Even though you have the BFG by this point (Unless your blind and never found one) I never use it on him. The entire level is built for a rocket fight!
Killing him doesnt end the level, it opens this up.

Now on to Hell Beneath, which is nowhere near as hard as usual, because you have guns at the start! I cant wait to play the three new Episode 4 style levels made for this version again.

EDIT: Since all but one of my thumbnails screwed up and posted as full images, I made the first one a full image too. Too much EP4 playtime would be wasted on rethumbnailing otherwise

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One thing I really like about PSX Doom is that animated sky.

PC Episode 3 sky looks good, but that burning fire looks great!

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Wasn't PSX Doom incredibly dark.. like lighting-wise? I seem to remember having a really hard time seeing in a lot of places. Am I remembering wrong?

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I grew up on PC Doom. I never once played PSX Doom until my curiosity led me to borrow my friend's copy of the game.

It's ok. The darker and colored environments with the new sounds and music did make the game a bit more atmospheric, but it's not the doom I know.

I'll stick to PC, but I'll keep that neat PSX TC wad handy.

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Okay so, Episode 4 was done, and its overall the same assrape as always...maybe even more so, since you start with all weapons and still get raped.

Hell Beneath
I dont know why this level was so hard, I died SIX times. Midway even replaced all the Barons with Hell Knights to make it a little easier. Makes me wonder how I ever beat this level on the PC even once.
Who ever made this a secret needs a bullet in the head. Your supposed to get something that isnt two Hell Knights in a small space (And if your near the walls, a crushing death). Isnt it THREE BARONS on the PC version? Luckily you can get out of there without triggering the walls and fight them on more fair terms. But come on, not ONE reward. RAAAAGE

Perfect Hatred
I hate this level...perfectly.

I started with 45 health left, and went down to 5 in the first FEW SECONDS. Theres a demon to your left as soon as you start that bites you, unless you know hes there and sidestep the second you start. I was running on pure adrenaline for that opening, until I cleared enough space to launch rockets everywhere. I also hate it how you'll fall into the lava with a slight twitch at times.

The Yellow Key area was my first death. I knew the wall opened and threw barons at you (Hell Knights in this version, Ep4 replaces most Barons with Hell Knights this time) but I didnt remember this:
So I ended up basically dancing on that narrow catwalk firing at three at once, being attacked from multiple directions. That was a new experience.

In the mini cave maze on the east side of the map I was up to 5 deaths. When I finally got through that bit:
Then naturally I fell of the ledge again and insta-died the moment I touched the lava.
SO ANOTHER ROMP THROUGH THE LEVEL. (After all, I'm playing PSX style, no saving. Thank you GZDoom for autosaves replacing password restarts though!)
Thats one small cybe....oh. One small mercy here! Of course I died twice more up here from the Caco horde. Both because theres no room to move, I strafed off the ledge by accident to dodge a lightning ball, the second I was pushed off I think. Died in the rush for those stairs both times. Note to self: Grab one of the Rad suits first NO MATTER WHAT.
Never have I been so glad to finish a level. With 200/200 too! Too bad the next level is even more rape.

Sever The Wicked
My favourite level in normal Ultimate Doom and my second favourite level in this version of it. The start can be described in one word: MOVE! So hectic, its awesome. And its so dark too, the visual look of this level is amazing.
Wheres my head gone? Oh yeah, Lost Soul charging out of nowhere, into a rocket I just fired. I was blown apart into bloody chunks, and saw my own head explode :D
However, its the indoors parts that take that darkness to the extremes. These images are far brighter on PC monitors than thwy are on TVs (I play all my PC games on my TV), and that room there? And almost pitch black shade of blue, with a Hell Knight in there.
And you have to go down some near stairs through a tiny maze in that same lighting, with the usual PSX Doom creepy soundtrack. Notice how I'm shooting at nothing? You see things down there. Not only that, there are shotgun guys and nightmare spectres in there. And yes, Nightmare Spectres just happen to be the same colour scheme as the darkness with the blue lighting, so good luck not being surrounded.
I had a LOT of fun in here. Lifts, spectres, imps, hell knights, no light. I even died the first time!
To the left of those dark stairs is...dark stairs. These are more forgiving, apart from opening to see this guy, a million zombies around him, and an imp closet opening behind you. If you dont kill them all before they leave, you get the fun of fighting them in more darkness! I died from this, naturally.
I really like this level's design, did I mention that? This level is probably the best example of the new focus on lighting, sound and atmosphere. Too bad screenshots on a PC monitor dont reflect the way as it looked as I took them

Unruly Evil
The only notable thing on this level was chainsawing this caco while wearing golden sunglasses. Easiest level ever, I dont even know why they bothered putting it in instead of say, They Will Repent, And Hell Followed or Against Thee Wickedly. All of which are absent.

Unto The Cruel
Oh hey, the last Episode 4 level already? I really like the lighting at the start, which is once again ruined by PC monitors.
This area looked really good. I didnt even see that Caco till I took the shot, in more ways than one. Too bad the difficulty is non-existant except for the area with a million shotgun guys and...
the final battle arena. So many enemies packed in that area. I wonder if the Mastermind is behind that pillar...
Nope, it had errands to run, so it lent its chaingun to this poor zombie. I nearly died of laughter, literally, as that chaingunner is the only chaingunner (That I remember) since Episode 1, and its in the same area a Mastermind was. Instead of the Mastermind, theres about 8 Hell Knights. So whats next? That cant be the end of Episode 4 can it?

Twilight Descends
Nope, theres three more. Well, two if you skip the secret level. The problem is, none of them look like TFC levels. No green marble :{
They kinda play like them, a bit.
The very first Megasphere in the game!
Crates? Thats very un-Ep4. Not counting Fear of course, as that was a (imho terrible) secret level
Whats this? A pitch-black entryway and some stairs? These look safe.
Whoops, how unexpected! Note that I died here by expecting less opposition. A hidden shotgun guy sniped me as I fled and I slid down those stairs like the enemies often do. Yes, that isnt that many, but when you cant see shit, things look like a much bigger horde. I just saw lots of caged imps and multiple very dark shadows and thought "shit". After that area you get to romp through more dark halls that trick you into beleiving your in a vast tunnel network, but instead roughly form a U with pillars that trick you.
I had fun here. I wish I had noticed the invuln tucked near the stairs before I lost half my health though.
This is the only room that looked like Episode 4 to me.

The Marshes

What better place to have a secret exit to a brand new level, than in one of your brand new levels? This is my favourite level in the game so far. See that switch? It opens the way to the outdoors, and also lowers a platform behind you, revealing..

Oh shit. Oh SHIT. Because of the improved sound of these guys stomping around, the designers decided to theme a level around this. Its an outdoor level, with nothing but those enemies, and some imps in buildings. One of the Hell Knights gets teleported into a cage as he walks off that platform (You can get the Cyberdemon in that cage, but that destroys the level)

Every time I played this level, I would try to avoid waking him up for as long as possible, as I always got nervewracked with him stomping around out there. What I only noticed this time though, is that the desigmers gave the player a choice over how to deal with him. The usual "just go around the corner and BFG him" (There is indeed a BFG hidden on this level) and two better ways. One building has light switches that affect the entire outdoors. You can light up the whole level and see everything extremely clearly (Wimps way) or turn them off and make the level darker (Real man's way) After all:

Oh shit!

Maybe I can hide in these trees! (This looks so amazing at the intended light level, everything is just black shadows.


By contrast:

Default light

Default lighting + Death by rocket. As he gibbed me, one ogf the HEll Knights came up and gace him high five, only to get a rocket in the face.

Turning the lights on. Booo.

The level is notable for being the first level with the SSG. As such, I fought the cyber in the darkness with it. Very fun.

*pelvic thrust*

Threshold of Pain
The finale for this version of Ultimate Doom, I swear this level is designed to be a playground for your new toy. It has so many demons, spectre, nightmare spectres, pain elementals and hell knights its not funny.
"What did you say to me?" "Whoah, take it easy"
I died in this room, in a hilarious way. After battling hordes of knights, lost souls and nightmare spectres, I touched the blood accidentaly and took damage the second I did so. It killed me. Back to the start!
The final battle arena. Looks tame enough!
You must be joking.
I finished this fight with 6 health. Then touched lava I didnt see and died instantly while running to the exit switch. Murphy's Law.
This is even voice acted! In a weird demon voice that mocks you.

Now for Hell on Earth: http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o181/Ekerezan/Screenshot_Doom_20090826_161726.png

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PSX Doom was the first version of DOOM I played through, and sparked my love of the game. The dark ambient music was a great touch and I still listen to it when playing WADs on the PC (thank you Doom Depot).

Needless to say the PSX version was a hell of a lot easier and I was ill prepared for my first PC Final DOOM play through - damn those Arch Viles.

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Last time I did that secret on the PC, I also got nothing. Maybe it only gives you something on certain difficulties?

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I think PS1 Doom was a good starting point for Doom 64. A lot of the same people and resources contributed to both projects (and PS1 Final Doom in the interim, but that was kind of bleh).

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