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How to Open a door when trigger a sektor?

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I am new to this site. But we all have a common interest, namely Doom and Doom Builder 1 & 2nd

I have just started with Doom Builder 2 and I feel like I am on track to learn the program even if it might speed up some steps, etc.
I want to make a door that opens when I pass by a given sector. I seem to do wrong for probably nothing happens or it lowered the ceiling in the entire sector, I find myself in.

Thank you in advance!
This is my first self-made 1-level wad and I think it is okay and fully playable apart from this door, I need help.
Level_1 can be downloaded later on.

My English is not high.

/ / Martin

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Well, if you are working with DB2 (Clearly you are) and using (G)ZDoom Doom in Hexen Format, find under "Door Generic" or using a script (which is harder to manage), Set the following:

LineDef Flags: Repeatable Action, Monster Activated (If you want them to use it too.)

LineDef 202- Door Generic
"Sector #" "Delay length" (Usually 30 or 45 for standard wait)
"Movement Speed" "Lock-Key/Skull"
"Type- Walk/Press Use...etc"

Hope this helps, but if in Doom 2 Format... Look for the Tutorial on CodeImp's site.

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Thanks for your reply. That was fast:)
Then maybe I selected the wrong setup. I selected DB2 Doom 2 and added only a few Wad's to get more textures mm. I have seen his tutorials but it does not answer my problem. when he does not address how to make a sector that triggers a door.

I do not understand the clarity of how you think you may scripting in it. although it is more difficult.

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(G)ZDoom has an ACS compiler which makes it where different effects happen, so in DB1/2 there is an Script Editor to do so.

An the style of Door you want, (which I might not explain too well) make 3 sectors, having the Middle being the Door but not with anything except a SectorID (#), and the other sectors with the lines facing away from the door have the LineDef actions, making both react to the door.

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okey. i mabey understand how it will work. but mabey it is better that to copy the layout and things to a new map in doom in hexen format, then redo all the triggers.
And just replace all monster etc?

Is Doom in Hexen the 'best' way to creat maps in etc?

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Yeah, all the heavy work is done, the ceiling heights , floor heights and textures, just replace monsters (which you can copy and paster over too, the actions do your self if it doesn't do it for you.

It's the beginnings of Advanced editing, but Boom is like it, but I don't have experience in Boom.

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Swec said:

Is Doom in Hexen the 'best' way to creat maps in etc?


But really, it depends on what you want to do. MD assumes you're mapping for ZDoom, which provides a different format derived from Hexen which allows things that cannot be done in the original Doom format. ZDoom, however, is also perfectly able to read maps in the original format. All Doom ports can. Few Doom ports can read the ZDoom "Doom in Hexen" format, however.

So, you have a number of options:

- Vanilla Doom (1) format: the most limited
- Vanilla Doom 2/Ultimate Doom/Final Doom format: as above, but with a few additions (such as fast doors)
This is the level offered by Chocolate Doom, Doomsday, and the original executables.

- Boom format: as the previous, but even more additions, amongst which are new thing flags and genericized linedefs and sector effects.
The Boom extension to the Doom format is mostly a standard. Some ports don't support it, but the majority does.

- MBF format: as Boom, but with more thing flags and map effects.
This is the level offered by PrBoom, Eternity, and other MBF derivatives. This is also about as far as the Doom map format can go.

- ZDoom "Doom in Hexen" format: many things are completely different. There are a lot less linedef types, but now each type can be configured with several flags, parameters, and an activation type. So instead of having dozens of similar "open door" specials with predetermined behavior, there's just a few of them, and you can set how they behave (whether it's repeatable or not, how fast they open up, how long they stay open, etc.).
This is supported by ZDoom and its derivatives, and not by many other ports. Vavoom does support it as well, maybe Eternity, and that's all.

- UDMF: the end-all, be-all map format, which is infinitely extensible and is for now only supported by the ZDoom family and Vavoom.

If you want maximum compatibility, you should use vanilla format. If you want a reasonable mix of features and compatibility, use the Boom format. If you want to use ZDoom features, you're actually encouraged to use UDMF instead of the "Doom in Hexen" format now.

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