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Patrick versus Ubuntu: Part 1

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I've been running Ubuntu on my school laptop for about a year now. I mainly use it for writing papers and doing math homework as well as for streaming music off my main PC so I can listen to it wherever. Given that I am currently not in school this semester, my laptop is sitting in a corner gathering dust. This does not bother me as much as the fact that I have a decision to make soon. I want to put a new OS on my home computer because Windows Xp is going out of date and I don't have the original installation CD. I've considered putting some money into getting Windows 7 this Oktober, or possibly going all linux. Given how poor I am, Linux sounds more attractive.

So here are my main problems with going all to linux:

(1) Digital Artwork
-I rely heavily on Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for my graphics design endeavors. suffice to say, I need some kind of Linux equivalents, preferably something that's going to be mutually compatible. GIMP is an excellent photoshop alternative. Anyone now a good Illustrator or InDesign alternative?
(2) Doom
-This is one of my huge hobbies. I've managed to get Chocolate Doom working, I'd need some help getting my main ports GZDoom and PrBoom+ working. If someone can link some threads/articles and any useful info on how to do this, that would be awesome. I know there was a thread for making Doombuilder work. How would I make a wad editor work?

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Try Inkscape, it’s a vectorial image editor. Try also OOdraw or Karbon14.
For Doom, I run ZDoom (compiled by hand, but not GZDoom) and PrBoom (debianized) 2.5.0. Chocolate Doom works, look for a Debian package. I run Yadex (with a Debian package too) as level cheater when I don’t find where to go.
I also have bsp and wadc installed, even if I never run them.

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If you're having trouble compiling G/ZDoom for Ubuntu (there's a guide for that on zdoom.org/wiki, by the way), the Windows versions of them will run quite well through Wine - in fact they get better framerates through Wine than natively, for some reason.

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Inkscape is pretty good, although it lacks polish and compared to professional tools, and some of the interface, particularly around controlling fill and strokes and creating gradients is pretty poor.

OODraw is shit. If you're looking for something on the level of Illustrator or InDesign, don't even bother with it.

Karbon14, never tried it.

There's also sK1: http://sk1project.org/ which positions itself as an open source competitor to Illustrator, CorelDRAW, etc. Looks pretty good from the screenshots.

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Wow, totally missed this thread!

PrBoom-Plus is easy :) Follow the instructions on the PrBoom Lunix page and the INSTALL file in the source to get all the depends you need to install. Basically just sudo apt-get build-essential libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-mixer1.2-dev libsdl-net1.2-dev.

Get the PrBoom source, extract it, run a ./configure and make it. You can make with sudo make install-strip which installs it in /usr/local/games, or you can just make install-strip which places the two binaries in the /src directory, you can then move them to wherever you want. I keep mine in ~/doom/prboom-plus and launch via bash aliases, like this line in ~/.bashrc:
alias doom2='~/doom/prboom-plus -iwad ~/doom/doom2.wad'

I don't think /usr/local/games is in the Ubuntu PATH variable, so you can link it to /usr/games with something like sudo ln -s /usr/local/games/prboom-plus /usr/games/prboom-plus.

Success with GZDoom depends on the current revision. There's a thread over on DRDTeam Forums where people post patches to get recent SVNs to compile on Linux, search for "cmake" in the thread title. There are good instructions in the ZDoom Wiki for compiling under Linux, GZDoom has no extra dependencies.

Note that GZD will crash on exit if you have an ATI video card, you'll need to Ctrl+F1 to terminal, log in, ps aux to get the PIDs of the gzdoom process and kill -9 them to get X back. Switch to the X display with Ctrl+F7 usually. This also means a config file never gets written, so you'll need to either steal one from a Windows machine or run thru Wine to setup before running natively.

The Windows binary also runs great thru Wine, I use ZDL through Wine to save fucking around with a big long wine console command to manage IWADs and PWADs.

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