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ObHack 006.3 released

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While I no longer am working on the ObHack codebase (modifications I did to the original 2007 Oblige 2 code), Fritz has taken over maintenance of the code and we have just released Obhack 006.3:


ObHack has a number of features not in to the Oblige 3 codebase, such as Deathmatch and CTF support (unlike Oblige, even single-player maps have some basic Deathmatch support, and there's even a mode which tries to play maps that make maps that are both good DM and single-player maps), Heretic support, and what not.

I hope people enjoy the code. Feel free to post suggested features or bugfixes here, but remember that Fritz, not myself, is maintaining the code.

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I happened to download that yesterday, very nice. Still offers gameplay unique to the current oblige. And this version no longer has hanging things block you I think (as 003e did I think).

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Samiam, have you considered working on the Oblige 3 code once it has enough work done to it (all standard themes, traps, etc)?

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Not at the moment. Right now, I really need to finish up my DNS server project; my plan is to have that wrapped up around the end of the year then start work on other "fun" open-source projects, including possibly an ObHack 3.0.

I had a lot more free time when I did the original ObHack code; I'm a lot more busy these days and have less time to devote to open-source projects.

If I were to work on Oblige 3's codebase, the first thing I would do is change the random number generator to allow strings for the random seed. After that, I would add better support for smaller rooms, including a multiplier factor that would make everything smaller across the board (all rooms and doors get smaller, monsters get closer together, etc.)--it would simply take all the vertices and thing locations and multiply them by a fractional number (between .5 and 1.5) to change the size of levels.

I would also add support for Freedoom and Heretic.

But, the soonest you would see anything from me is 2010 sometime, and I'm not guaranteeing anything.

Thanks for your interest.

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