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My First DB2 Map - Updated

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This is my very first Doom track.

The map is Map01
The map can be run on Easy / Medium under 30sec.
And at Hard around 35-40sec.
Wad's, I probably Used is AV.WAD DOOM2.WAD (Dont think you will need Plutonia).
Tested with GZDoom
I Think you need AV.WAD To run it to get all textures

The wad is quite short and evt last room is a bit too big and empty of stuff, etc.
When I dont have not learned DB2 clarity of even so was the door number 2 is not as I thought then it would have been a secret that opened when you passed a particular sector.

Sorry for Bad English.

Made by Swec aka -=FullMoon=- aka Martin


Pic's in easy/medium.


EDIT: I forgot the pic's have updated the post.

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Are you saying you need AV.wad to play this? Because I loaded it in both Doom 2 and Plutonia and there were missing textures everywhere. Besides that, the gameplay was pretty straight-forward "open door, shoot monsters, move forward, repeat" type stuff. I can't comment on the details cause the textures didn't work (and I'm not gonna bother loading AV with it).

Also, why does everyone feel the need to use the most random, popup ridden filehosts out there? And you should probably post screenshots of what the level is supposed to look like, not everyone is as nice as me. :>

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Why not just use a wad editor like XWE to export all the AV textures into your wad?

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