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DB2 - everything is black in 3d mode

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I have a pretty old and banged-up graphics card and old versions of drivers, because when i use the latest drivers my PC starts acting up and rebooting itself or just freezing all the time. But with the newer drivers the 3d mode in DB2 is working correctly. With the old drivers, however, everything is black in 3d mode, except for the yellow highlited surfaces. Is there a way to fix it that doesn't involve buying a new graphics card or updating the drivers (yes i know not updating the drivers is stupid, but i really don't like not being able to do anything because my PC freezes every five minutes)?

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I guess i'll have to stick with DB1 for the time being... Oh well, no complaints as long as i can actually map :)

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It's not unusual for old hardware to complain about new drivers. Try a few not-so-new drivers and with any luck you'll find one that supports the required features without freezing your computer. I had a similar problem a few years back with an 8x AGP card which was cured by setting the BIOS to 4X AGP - the motherboard's AGP support must have been a bit flakey.

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