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deep sea comment/suggestion

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Hi Jack,

A couple of questions/comments. You can see if it might be worth while to add to an upcoming revision.

Most, but not all, of the Doom2 textures have their images centered on the texture. In x alignment or Y alignment.
A few that do not for example: sp_dude1, sp_dude7, sp_dude8, stucc02, sw1cmt, and a few others. Still others are off of Y alignment.

I think it might be helpful to have an idea where to start when trying to align these. I can certainly do it by viewing the x-align when I am viewing the graphic. But if you could add a grid/scale/ruler or whatever to the graphic viewer it would save a little more time.

The graphic viewer I am talking about during x-alignment is:
8. show texture, or 9. show multi texture, align.

The auto x align works perfectly but assumes you just want to align the edges, which is all I want about 98% of the time, but on occasion I want to use some of these other textures. And have thus far just used trial and error until I get the image centered on some of the odd ball line lengths or room heights I have. Don't get me wrong, you have the best viewer out there, and it has saved me a lot of time and many game bootups to view the graphic, but this might save even more time.

I don't seem to be precise enough with the mouse to just drag it, I always seem to move it up or down a little when dragging and then have to go back and fix the y alignment. That is not hard to fix, only takes a few of seconds as you know. None of this is all that hard to repair, but wondered if you might think about the possible addition of a grid or whatever. It would also help during Y alignment, during those times when doing it by hand is the only way to get it right. You might be able to bring up your resident map grid at the same time as the graphic viewer, to overlay the graphic on the grid.

That new arc tool is great, nearly perfect circles in just a couple of clicks. It is sweeeet!

Thanks for your consideration,

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I follow somewhat, but not 100% sure here.

The interactive alignment button (5) has the little scroller so you can nudge 1 unit at a time. Mouse dragging is a bit easier with a trackball since the mouse doesn't accidently shift when you release a button. Great for a messy desk too:)

It looks like your end goal is centering the "other" subimage. To get a better idea of the center of a texture with something in it you want to center, maybe just a big + mark might be all you need? Your grid idea could work, don't know how that would look since it gets real busy at small sizes - probably 4 would be the min.

You'd still have to do the math relative to whatever size wall get it centered. (wall length-texture width)/2 is the basic offset and then you nudge that depending on the amount the center is off by.

The arc tool has actually been around for a while - just not obvious it was there:) That's one idea behind the new floating tool bar - it will make some more commands "obvious".

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Thanks Jack,
I will look into it. Maybe the little scroller will work for me.

As far as the Graphic/Grid overlay, something that would get me within 8 would help, and would not have to overlay the graphic.

But let me check the scroller first.


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