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New map

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It's a good map :-). Gameplay is mostly fine I would say. Gave me some challenge.

The architecture was good albeit inconsistent in some areas, the layout was good. It was slightly cramped but at least it wasn't packed with monsters.

Things to improve on (IMO): Some areas could be more polished like around sector 875.
I think the texturing could be more 'tidy': some alignments here and there and some textures need lower unpegging so when the ceiling moves, the textures don't move with it (sector 32). The theme seems to be mishmashed, lacks coherence IMO. Try keeping a similar theme throughout the maps, rather than trying to make a cocktail of random textures. Some door/lift texturing seems to be too subtle IMO, players might end up stuck when the doors aren't obvious enough or thought as a secret.
Some parts of the layout could be fixed, some areas only traps the player unless he goes a certain way again and again, it would be a good idea if the doors/bars could be open permanently, otherwise it's an unnecessary time consumer. (see around sector 223) It was sort of annoying having to wait for that lift (only way out) constantly when I got lost.

Some of the flats and textures clash a bit, for instance, green brick flats and metal walls doesn't go well together IMO, make a border of the textures so they can blend in well.

The starting area seems to have some uneven floorings, it can be a bit annoying to move around constantly experiencing rough movements and stair ice (i.e sector 44)

Some detailing in the walls can be walked up to, I would suggest making the lines impassible so the player cannot get stuck easily. It's quite annoying if the map is cramped and you get stuck easily from the detailings.

These are all I could think of, I hope they help you somehow even if they aren't too precise. Some are nitpicky so ignore them if you wish.

I enjoyed it. Good job. :-)

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Just played it a bit, great map. It was a bit cramped for my tastes but much easier than your previous maps.

I actually like your style (both in texture choices and architecture), it's legible, good to look at and very distinctive. I'm not really a fan of the "stick to a texture theme" school of thought, so it's great to see maps like yours that break the mold.

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