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List of Doom2 Door and Lift speeds etc.

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Is there anywhere where I could get a list of specs such as the speeds at which Doors open, how long they stay open for, the speed at which lifts raise/lower and other specs like that. I am mapping for ZDoom(Doom in Hexen) and I would like to get my doors and lifts etc etc as close to vanilla as possible. (except for the ones that I need to do special stuff.)

I have looked on the Doom wiki and ZDoom wiki, as well as googled it, and I couldn't find such a list.

Obviously, information as this is presumably locked up in the Doom2.wad or the .exe somewhere, but 1) I don't know how to access it, and 2) Wouldn't know what to look for even if I could.

So a list would be very useful to me.

Thanks people. :) Sorry if this is yet another dumb noob question and the answer is somewhere really obvious.

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Have a look at xlat/base.txt in zdoom.pk3. It contains all linedef translations to Hexen format so you can immediately see what values are needed to get the same behavior as a Doom special type.

All the constants are in xlat/defines.i.

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