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Level Design Reference

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I made a level (map13) for FreeDoom. During this, I recorded all my
test results and experiments in a new documents called level_design.
It contains many tables and construction guides.
Great for newbies, but still lots of tables for experienced designers.

I want to upload a copy to your archives.
HOW !! I appears that I am behind a proxie as I cannot get through
with IE5 using FTP.

I have loaded a copy to the FreeDoom incoming site, so if you
can grab it there you can archive it in DoomWorld.

Wesley Johnson

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I believe the Archives FTP actively restricts IE5 clients from uploading because it takes more than one connection at a time - have you ever considered getting a dedicated FTP program like FileZilla?

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Can't say I've ever had any problems uploading to /idgames with IE5. Maybe it is a proxy issue.

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