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Installing all_Hell

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So I download All Hell Is Breaking Loose (http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=6480), wanting to look at what is percieved to be some great early examples of dehacked work. The trouble is, installing it is a bit of a pain. It doesn't help that I find the install.txt instructions to be a bit confusing and cumbersome. Are there any tips to make installation easier?

Also, if this thread is in the wrong subforum, could the mods move the topic please?

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Assuming you're using Chocolate Doom as in the previous cases, ignore both installation batch files, apply the -file parameter (or the equivalent selection by the launcher) to all the WADs except allhell.wad. That last WAD is merged like you did with eternal.wad, instead. The DeHackEd patch is read by Chocolate Doom with the -deh parameter.

The thread's okay here because it's about a WAD.

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I ran it in PrBoom+ with

-file ahflats.wad Ahlevels.wad Ahmus.wad Allhell.wad -deh allhell.deh

It won't work for me in Chocolate Doom for some reason, but this should work for anything else that loads Dehacked.

edit: listen to the mykman. Now I guess I can work on a Chocolate Doom page

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