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Map testing error

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I fired up Doom builder about a half-hour ago and decided to throw up something quick for my own amusement. So I create a quick map and begin to test it out. But this error pops up:

IWAD file " not found!
I'm sure my IWAD and EXE are in the right places, and the error keeps showing up every time I attempt to test the map. What's the problem?

I'm using Doom II format, and testing with Chocolate Doom r1630.

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I assume you are using DoomBuilder 1.

When you are in Doombuilder, hit 'F5' to bring up your configuration menu. In the middle of th second row you will see a tab labeled 'files'. Click on that and you will see a list of different configs. (Boom, Doom2, ZDoom etc.)

Click on Doom2 and then click on the 'browse' tab at the bottom and you will be able to specify the location of your IWAD, which is what Doombuilder needs to test your maps. Click OK and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.

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I guess it doesn't work because your path to the IWAD contains spaces and your parameters in DB2 are not correct.

Activate the "Customize parameters" checkbox in the "Testing" tab of the "Game Configurations" (where you set the .exe to run). There are probably no quotation marks around the %WP parameter and "Use short paths and file names (MSDOS 8.3 format)" is not checked. So you should either put quotation makrs around %WP or use short paths. You can also set both, it doesn't hurt.

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Turns out that the IWAD wasn't listed in the parameter. I fixed that, and the testing runs perfectly. Thanks for the help.

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