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Need help selecting old format IDE CD drive

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I don't have a cd drive because the new PS I got for my computer awhile ago does not supply enough new format connectors (SATA connectors?) which is what my CD drive uses--the new format. I copied the 4 installation CDs onto my portable hard drive and tried to install the files from it but after it gets through the first disk data it asks me to put in disc 2 and will not proceed passed this point.

What are the new drives called? What are the old ones called? I might just buy an old cd drive to connect to the IDE format connectors that are coming out of my PSU.

Is this an old IDE CD drive? I think what I need is DMA IDE and not SATA which is the new format.

Okay, I'm really confused. There are no connectors on the mobo for installing an old style cd drive. The problem with my cd drive right now is that it's not getting power. Do the old molex power connectors work with new format (SATA?) devices?

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In general, if a drive uses IDE data connectors (retroactively named "PATA") chances are that 99.9999% it will also have "classic" (Molex) power connectors.

In any case, next time make image files of the CDs and mount them with a tool like PowerISO, this way they will be treated like normal CDs and won't ditch you like that ;-)

If you don't have "old style" IDE connectors on your mobo (fo' shame!) get one of these PCI cards:

ITE IT8121F IDE RAID controller

ITE IT8211F IDE Controller controller.

Those, and a plug converter as Planky said. Sometimes you may get one "for free" with certain products (usually new mobos or hard disks include a short "molex to sata" converter).

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Thanks guys for the helpful advice! I just ordered a Molex to SATA converter as that is the simplest, (and cheap) solution to mah problems!

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