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SRB2 Project signup thread

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After the News post about Sonic Robo Blast 2 being released, I floated the idea of a community project for it. A few people expressed an interest, so here's a signup thread.

Screenshots so far:

It's loosely based around the Green Hill Zone / Azure Lake / Emerald Hill Zone themes and will probably be the first act. Feel free to come up with your own ideas for Zone themes (ice/tech/whatever, as long as it's somewhat Sonic related), or make an Act for one of the existing ones:

Needs-a-name Zone: (grass and water themed)

Act 1: DooMAD
Act 2: ?
Act 3: ?

Insert-zone-here Zone:

Act 1: ?
Act 2: ?
Act 3: ?

And so on.

I won't set a target for how many zones there might be, it will just depend on how many people sign up.

Download SRB2 v2.0 here if you don't already have it (don't use an old install, it uses different linetypes now). The SRB2 wiki is here, which has an article with some tutorials (be sure to look at the thok barrier stuff). The customised SRB2 version of Doom Builder is here, but delete the srb2ex.cfg and get this updated version.

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