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CASTLE deathmatch

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Hello everyone

A while ago I released my wad called castle, and although it was nothing real special many said it was better than any of the other crap I've made, and a few went as far to say it was fun. So I figured it was worthwhile to update it at least once. So I've added a deathmatch map, MAP07 is now castles only DM map and I'd like you guys to take time to test it using various ports. Now I have no idea if it's any good being it's my first DM map but I'll let you guys figure that out. So if you take time to test it please tell me wether I could improve the map or should start over, or if it even works.

To test the map or just play CASTLEs single player click this link.

A while ago I also made a trailer showing various levels and game play if anyone cares.

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It wasn't that bad, honestly. Visually it was lacking (felt an awful lot like a 1994-1995 era mapset), but that didn't really detract from my gameplay experience. The maps were lacking a little connectivity (for example: in MAP01, you exit by dropping through a skypit, but in MAP02, there's no sky the player could have fallen from to reach his current position...), but kept me entertained consistently. The deathmatch map is just too simple to be that exciting to me... :/

MAP06 was a big letdown, too. Just one spider?

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Fisk said:

The deathmatch map is just too simple to be that exciting to me... :/

I'm glad you enjoyed the single player, and the deathmatch map really depends on how you play it. There are other parts to teleport to, but they're all tagged multiplayer so they don't function in singleplayer. My real question is did you play it single player or online? Either way I suppose it is boring unless you get 16 people running around in it.

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