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Fall of Mars?

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There's a stub about it on the Doom Wiki here. It appears the site it was hosted on has been suspended.
Anyone know anything about the game (Other than what's on the wiki page)?

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Or just type "fall of mars", and the first link, click "Cached".

Looks like a fan game, that is all.

Download links and others go to Moddb.

But the download links there are down.

EDIT: http://www.filefront.com/13515282/Doom-Fall-of-Mars---Beta-v0.1.0a-rar/

Working download.

I tried. Its an.. interesting game. Died in 2 shot and thought this was stupid but... yeah. Concept is very interesting, though.

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I played the little bit of the game there was. I found myself surprisingly addicted and got to about level 10! Of course that only took like 5 minutes, but this is a very cool idea indeed.

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