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Autorun.inf for Flash Drives.

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I've got a flash drive that I want to run doom as soon as I plug it in, kinda like those old game console cartridges. I looked up on google how to make programs run right away from plugging in the flash drive. I found that, similar to CDs and DVDs, you can make an "autorun.inf" file to open up programs from the drive as soon as it is plugged in.

Long story short, I think I made the .inf file wrong as it doesn't do anything out of the ordinary, however I can't delete it, move it, rename it, replace it, or anything. I receive the message "autorun.inf is being used by another program" or something of that sort.

I looked up ways to remove the autorun.inf but I keep getting directed to help pages advising me to run virus scans and such. I know it's not a virus because I made it myself. Overall my flash drive is fully functional in every way besides this autorun.inf file. Anyone know how I can remove this thing and start over?

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This handy program can delete files that are supposedly "in use". I've used it before for similar situations (deleting a badly-written Autorun.INF from my PSP memory stick) and can vouch for it.

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Unlocker will certainly do the trick. You could also disable autorun temporarily and plug-in the drive again (I'm guessing Windows is running the INF file but it hung somewhere).

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I honestly don't know what OS you use, if it's Windows, but if it's XP, have a look here.

Autorun can be disabled, and the way I know it is by using the Tweaks UI application downloadable from beyond that link. Maybe you don't need that app, but I haven't investigated.

I think you should get rid of all autorun, except for discs. It does more harm than good in the long run, and it's generally unwise to have any application execute just when you open the drive. In fact, always say no if you're offered something automatic.

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