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Jekyll Grim Payne

Need MD2/MD3 model: wall chandelier

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Hi again. This time I'm looking for a MD2 or MD3 model of a wall-mounted chandelier, possibly the old one, with a candle, but without fire, because I'll make fire with sprite particles. Or the one with a lampshade and with a candle or at least a bulb inside (though, AFAIR, MD2/3 don't support transparent surfaces like that, right?). I don't need floor candelabras. Thanks in advance.

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Something like this?

If so, it comes from Sitters and Abbs' map "Cruel Death" for Risen3D


The map is worth downloading even if you don't like the candle as its a very good example of just how far a modern port can be pushed beyond our old pixelated friend, if that interests you.

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