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Any updated Quake monster images/models?

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Just wondering if anyone knows of any updated models for the original Quake enemies or any artwork showing them in a more life-like way?

Ever since Quake was released, I have thought that the models in it were horribly disappointing. "Back in the day" I had no idea why models were being heralded as the thing to replace sprites because the Quake models were so basic, low-poly and devoid of any detail that I didn't see how they could compete with sprites (LOL). To me, they are horrible, angular block-monsters that make Boris Karloff's depiction of Frankenstein's monster seem like a smooth, round-headed Adonis.

So, I really just wanted to see something that paints them in more detail and perhaps get an idea of how various people see them. Obviously I have rounded off the corners and filled in the details in my own mind's-eye view of them but I'd like to see what others have done, perhaps in a more practical sense.

So, anything?

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Cool, thanks. That Doom3 mod in particular was pretty good. They really took the word "Quake" to heart though. The screen hardly ever stopped shaking.

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As far as new Quake models go:

- an unanimated new fiend, abandoned for Tenebrae.
- a new shambler by Randy that's not very shamblerlike. This was released.

That's it. You should forget it and stick to the originals since no one will ever outdo them respectably. Not even the 'all new enhanced skins' for the originals are any better.

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There were a few new models for Quake that worked in Tenebrae, but I don't recall them working very reliably. I never found the Quake models off-putting though. I always thought they had a really cool design, and when you're blazing through the level with quad damage and a grenade launcher you don't really notice they're made of blocks. Still I think the Shambler and the Fiend are two of the most intimidating enemies I've seen in a game. They still seem worse to me than the Cyberdemon or the Spidermastermind because they're used often, they have mobility, usually encountered in small spaces, it's harder to anticipate their exact attack, and they'll kick your ass. Quite frankly I think the Fiend is the coolest enemy I've ever seen in a game. The horns, the hooves, the blade hands, the tail, the grotesque face which looks like a cross between a pig and a human with enlarged gums, the ability to jump 20 feet in under a second. Why mess with perfection?

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