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transfer heights

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This concerns the transfer heights feature. I have created a terrace with a stairway leading away from it that can be walked under by going through a passageway on the other side. (no silent teleports here) I have run into a slight HOM and smearing in some areas otherwise everything else looks great. I tried to divide the area up and use multiple tags where the fake floors and ceilings are to be, but to no avail. The strange thing is that the engine seems to treat every sector in the area as one even though they are not. I look at one sector but when the corner of another far away sector in the group enters the viewing area the effect goes bad. Could the transfer heights sectors be rendered on an individual basis? It seems they are tied to the player view height as well which is making things difficult. I tried moving some of the walls out to block the viewing angles, I just wondered if there are other alternatives?

wad in question located here: http://www.filefactory.com/file/ah56619/n/THTERACE_wad

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The general rule with transfer heights is, if you can see both the area above the fake floor, and the area below the fake floor at the time time, it will HOM up. It doesn't matter how you divide the sector up. That is one of the limitations of using this effect. The only way you can get around the HOM is by adding walls and stuff to prevent the player from being able to peek into both areas at once.

It sucks balls, yeah, but over time you'll learn to design your transfer heights areas with care. For your map, I think the best solution would be messing with the lower entrance (that goes under the platform). You should be able to put a low wall directly in front of it, so that you have to go around that wall to get underneath. You'll just have to experiment until you have an epiphany. :)

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