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Xwe : weapons that shoot .. but emit coloured light :D / ?How?

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Hai all :D.

im ipaqmaster and i registered here cause i liek doom
and i script * a little bit...*


im here to ask a question..
is it possable to make a WEAPON that emits COLOURed light? whilst firing?

i know u can make light in the level using a gun
* eg the flashlight weapon from the ::doom 3 weapon mod for doom 2::*

i think it can be done im just not sure
ty to anyone with a answer

people who say No if possable can u try to tell / explain why? im sure its possable :P :)

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What engine are you hoping to accomplish this in? And do you mean that you want the projectiles to glow, or do you just want for there to be a coloured flash when the weapon is fired, like how there is a dim white flash when firing some of Doom's original weapons?

By the way, this is a topic for the "Doom Editing" forum and not the XWE forum.

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sorry about the wrong fourm.. :\

i mean liek the screen changes or something like that * like when u get shoh the screen flashes red , but i want it to be green and otehr colours when u shoot my weapon

btw, ... its a remixed song gun / it shoots invivible projectiles and p[lays music while doing it . i want it to flash etc

like a rave party lol

***Skulltag*** using xwe as an editor

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You can either use ACS scripts bound to the weapon attack frames, that would call Fadeto(r,g,b,amount,seconds) function (I don't know, however, if Skulltag supports ACS at all), or you can create a number of power-ups that are active for a second or so, and are given to the player while the gun is shooting. In the code of these powerups you can specify their color.

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If you're using GZDoom, then you can use the DOOMDEFs or GLDEFS lump to assign colored lighting to projectiles, the player or other entities.

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Jekyll Grim Payne said:

(I don't know, however, if Skulltag supports ACS at all)

It certainly does.

I also remember seeing a very clever alias-based script that you could use to create a "rave party" effect in any level, merely by typing the trigger into the console.

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well im not sure about the lighting affects, what is easyer?

making it serverside... or client side?

or something like that, cause its kinda hard to me.

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