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Starke Von Oben

Greating new walls with XWE

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Open xwe. Open your wad. Press entry > load. select image. Now you have new entry click on it right click and select "add to texture". Make two new entry, P_START upper to image entry and P_END under to it. Now you can see it in Doom builder.

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DuckReconMajor's link is quite useful, but ...

Since you are mapping in ZDoom, there is a more useful approach.
Open the pwad with XWE.
Highlight the last lump and create new entries TX_START and TX_END.

Highlight TX_START and load your texture.

For example, in XWE it will look like this:

new texture(s)

No need to bother with the TEXTURE1 lump.
Any texture between those entries can be used both as flat or wall texture.

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