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Scythe X demos (complevel 2)

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Another Max :)
Map 06 UV-Max in 0:48
Don't really enjoy the map because of how RNG based it all is. My idea was to keep as many shotgunners/chaingunners alive in the beginning to infight as much as possible then go in and defeat them all later.


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TendaMonsta said:

Hmmmm. Might have to take a stab at this pWAD with -fast. Almost forgot about Scythe X

Good job MedicalDoctor922!


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Map 05 UV-Max in 1:04 and UV -fast in 1:00

Some runs I ended up getting suckered into because I came back to Scythe X to study how to use the CC4 tekgreen textures. :P

Also, I noticed that this has been historically run as a cl 2 wad despite the fact that Boom cosmetic effects are used (e.g. lighting transfers).


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13 hours ago, GarrettChan said:

Savage to beat a new runner like that :P I think he accidentally posted in the PB thread.


Well I don't want to discourage anyone :) 1:00 is a good achievement.  I consider the 1:02 as one of my better demos from that "era".


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Map02 UV Max in 0:59.54



Just a few frames ahead... It's definitely a lot of RNG in it even though it's less than 1 minute. A bit of routing improvement I suppose, but still the best thing you want to get is that barrel explosion pushing the right one. Usually there's someone blocking the barrel to lower the damage.




(I don't like to embed the demo thumbnail to occupy the whole screen, so if this is inconvenient for Youtube links, please tell me.)

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Map02 UV Max in 0:57.83



I was not happy about my previous run having 2 missed SG shots, but this run still has 2 missed SG shots in it... However, the luck part totally worked out in my favor.


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28 minutes ago, GrumpyCat said:

Map02 Pacifist 0:57 (preparing for the new pacifist rules haha)

Haha, good find. I even questioned if the crusher hallway can be considered pacifist in my ancient tablefiller.

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Map02 UV Max in 0:54.29



Beaten the current record by half a second, but I failed all my key designs for the map... Will definitely grind a bit and make a 53 and call it.


Also, this is probably one the most annoying forced Invis secret of all time, which makes monster infight really unreliable.


Youtube Video:


Edited by GarrettChan

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