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Scythe X demos (complevel 2)

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On 7/15/2022 at 5:27 PM, Electro Rage said:

Scythe X NoMo100s + one NoMo Demo Collection.zip

Every Scythe X NoMo100s + Scythe X episode 2. Did this two months ago and forgot to post it.

Hey, could you provide source port info in the txt, as well as other basic info (player name, etc.)? Something similar to the the IL textfile template:

PWAD: something.wad
PWAD Name: Name
Map: ##
Skill: 4
Category: UV-Max
Exe: DSDA-Doom #.##.# complevel ##
Recorded on: Date
Time: #:##
Author: player_name

Additionally, please avoid using spaces in zip names and txt names. Please rename the zip/txt to something like sx_nomos. Alternatively, just post each demo as a separate IL zip.

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