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looking for a couple novelty doom related pages

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Greetings fellow Doomers! Upon browsing the internet, I had vague flashbacks about a couple of Doom webpages or what not, but through the power of Google cannot find any traces of evidence leading me back to them.

The first was a comic. I at first thought it was called The Green Pile, but that took me to that charming penned in comic. The comic I was thinking of was more like doom sprites added into comical situations (only real detail I can remember is Doom marine walking through a desert, looking for a KFC or something, and one pops up).

Second was a pretty funny rpg type game, where you were playing as the two barons of hell in E1M8 preparing for a birthday of some sort (which explains why they were hiding in those closets to begin with).

Any idea where I can find either of these? More for novelty sake, I can't fully remember if they're actually worth reading/playing through again.

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That is TOTALLY what I was looking for!

Thank you so much (: That eliminates half of my curiosity. You guys are pro : D

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