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I'm working some more on my Tower of Belial level, for those of you that have heard of it. I'm wanting to change the sky in the level to something more hellish than just brown skies. I know I can change the level to MAP21, but then that changes the music too (it has some custom music that I wrote), and I don't really want to have to open it up with XWE or SLumpeD and change the music name. Also, you'd then have to IDCLEV to the level to play it. I'd also prefer to use the sky from Ultimate Doom, E4. Is there any way to do this? Using skies are so much different from using other textures. I'd also prefer to have different skies in different sectors in the same map, if possible. Is there a way to do all this? I'm using the standard Doom 2 format, if it makes a difference. I'm not quite skilled enough to try much with the Hexen format.

What would be really nice would be a link to some site or tutorial that talks in-depth about using skies. Anyone know of anything?

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Just replace the sky patch entirely. Export the one from Doom (it's probably called RSKY4), and import it into your wad, without changing the name. You don't even have to stick it between P markers. Just make sure you don't import it between any of the map lumps. Use a lump management utility like XWE or SlumpEd for this.

And no, sky textures are not really any different from normal textures. The only difference is in the way they are ultimately used. They are still defined in TEXTURE1 just like the other textures.

As for having multiple skies in one map, you're restricted to source ports that allow something like that.

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I think I must be doing something wrong. It's not working at all.
Here's exactly what I did:
1. Opened up DOOM.WAD
2. Copied "SKY4" (it was SKY4, not RSKY4)
3. Pasted SKY4 into tower.wad.

I wouldn't imagine this would work at all. I would think you'd need to delete something, or rename something, etc.

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You have to give the "new" sky texture the same as the original sky texture you wish to replace.

In this case you need to name the texture RSKY1.

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