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New version of Trinity.

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This is a new version of my old map 'Trinity' for Zdoom. I thought I would update this map with my modern mapping skills and make something cool. I want suggestions on how to proceed with this map.

And one more question, I went to the Doombuilder site to download DB2 and the downloads page was not working and neither was the sourceforge page, so I cannot download Doom Builder 2. Please give me a link if you can for me to download this as I want to try this out.

EDIT: I got DB2 working and fixed the map up some more:


And I got the Arachnotrons to fight each other!

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That was fun - and looks good too.

I noticed some windows with "glass" in them that can be shot through as if the glass wasn't there though - eg the big central room just beyond the starting room.

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I haven't played the original Trinity, but this was okay. Gameplay was a bit switch-hunty and repetitious. The detailing however was excellent, it reminded me of those really high quality famous ZDoom maps like Agent Spork and Tormentor make. You've really got modern style down well.

Interesting that you've used so many beta resources. I really love Q2 textures, they suit Doom2's brown/metal themes really well. And are those Duke3D computers?

If I was going to make any suggestion it would be to vary the encounters with more and different monsters and weapons, and maybe try make it not so much of a "flick a switch, enter a teleporter, check the whole map to see what it did" affair.

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I thought this was really fun. The pacing was really fast, and I didn't expect that huge battle at the end at all. That was probably cause I don't have sound right now, but still, it surprised me. I looooved the look of this level too. You proved that huge square rooms can look awesome.

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