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I've been dabbling in C and C++ for a while now but haven't really made anything worthwhile yet, so I thought I would make something useful and simple that hasn't been done yet(atleast I think so.) Basically it's a GUI frontend to QMUS2MID done in Qt. You can download it here - source is included(Qt creater project), so if someone who knows what they're doing would like to make a suggestion on how to improve my coding the feel free :) Also sorry for the big download, Qt DLLs are huge.

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May I suggest using a different filehost site such as Megaupload or Mediafire?

Looks very basic, what are those giant Qt*.dll files needed for?

Have you considered making a midi2mus GUI?

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The Qt dlls are needed to run my Qt program. BTW there isn't much point in making a midi2mus gui because even doom2.exe v1.9 will play MIDIs that stay within the MUS limitations. That and I don't know if there's any midi2mus source available. Also, what's wrong with speedyshare? I though it was good because it didn't have any wait times...

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