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How? [loading PWADs in PrBoom]

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Hi im new here and im a noob. i was wondering how i play WADs in prboom. I have also downloaded freedoom. Thanks

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This is what i did: first i downloaded prboom then i downloaded the freedoom iwad. I put the freedoom iwad in the same folder as prboom. I could then play the freedoom levels. I then dragged another wad onto prboom and when it loaded up it was exactlythe same levels as before. What did i do wrong??

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Demonologist said:

Freedoom iwad?

It changes nothing as far as loading pwads is related, and it's better than pirating an illegitimate copy of Doom 2 from somewhere.

Whatever is the source of the OP's problem, it is not Freedoom.

I'll just repeat your more pertinent question:

Demonologist said:

Are you sure that new levels start from MAP01?..

Many old Doom mods do not start at MAP01. Instead they used another map so as to get a specific music track or to use a special, level-dependent effect.

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Ok thanks gez. So basically i just need to find a wad that starts from the beggining? Ps do all wads work withe freedoom?

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Mcfc23 said:

So basically i just need to find a wad that starts from the beggining?

You may do so, of course. =) But if level is on another map then you can just type idclevXX while being in-game (start new game, choose your difficulty level and, when the game begins, simply type it), XX is a map number (its number is always double, e.g. 02, 09, 10 etc.). Alternatively you can use -warp XX parameter in the command line or in 'Properties'.

And yes, initial pwad map's number can be found in the text file that comes with this pwad.

Are we clear? =)

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1. Read the text file that should have accompanied the pwad. It'll tell you which level is replaced. If it's not map01, you can use the idclev cheat to go to the map directly.

2. Freedoom is for Doom 2 game mode. If the pwad you're playing is for Doom 1, you need "ultimate freedoom" instead. Again, that's something you will know by reading the text file.

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