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You can map the screenshot function to a different key if the default setting does not work for you. For example, I have mapped screenshot to the Home key in Boom because it works well for me and is out of my way.

To remap the screenshot function from the menu press Esc to bring up the menu and then choose:

Options -> Setup -> Keybindings -> Next -> Screen -> Screenshot

After pressing the Enter key on Screenshot, press the new key you want to use for making screenshots.

Thereafter, pressing that key during play will cause Boom to emit a distinct beeping sound. The beep lets you know that the screenshot was taken. The picture will be a .PCX file inside your Boom directory.

It is also possible to change the screenshot keymapping by editing BOOM.CFG directly in a plain text editor program. Look for the variable key_screenshot and change its value to the scancode for the key you want to use. You will have to use the KEYCODE.EXE utility shipped with Boom to find the scancode for the key.

You can also configure Boom to save screenshots in BMP files (instead of PCX). I have not tried this, so I do not know if it works well or not.

Hope that helps you a little bit. Good luck. :)

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The screenshots in the wiki are mostly taking by sending Chocolate Doom the STOP signal

  • to halt the process execution and then the more conventional screenshot methods on a PC are used (this causes the screenshot to have the window border and game dimensions/aspect correction to appear as you normally see them...); also if you don't have a compositing window manager enabled, you do run the risk of "corrupting" the display of the Chocolate Doom window if you're not careful... it's all pretty involved and only really useful for the wiki.

  • This makes it so that tearing effects do not appear in the screenshot (otherwise the screenshot function might capture Chocolate Doom changing the frame, and part of the screenshot containing an old frame)

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    Nah, it just ensures tearing-free screenshots. I used Process Explorer on Windows to do the same thing, heh.

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