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Cyberdance - E2M8 arena map

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This is a slightly modified version of one of the boss arena maps I made for Oblige so I thought I may share it with everyone. It's rather basic but it plays well.

It is also not my best work because I did not spend much time making it about a month ago.

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Some nice architecture. The fight itself doesn't feel all that much different from e2m8, just shotgun the lost souls, rocket random demons, then kill the cyber while dodging fireballs. For UV, adding in the blue armor might be a little too much help, as then you can take 3 direct hits, and a speedrunner can dodge most of the fire anyway. Otherwise it's well done, and the music is a cool remix.

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You're a goner for sure, r_rr :D

My first runthrough was rather astounding since I did not get hit ONCE by the imp or baron fireballs, nor from lost soul charges or cyber rockets. :O

It is possible to kill all the monsters in less than 5 minutes if one is evasive enough.

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Oh, it definitely is possible to kill them all. Sadly at my level of skill I would have to play it though many times to accomplish what you did.

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