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Monopoly City Streets

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So it looks like a buggy beta version of a new online Monopoly game has been launched. It's Monopoly City Streets and it's currently free to play. I'm guessing the constant messages about server problems are partly due to high demand, but then again it is an EA product and those lazy fuckers never test anything properly.

I eventually managed to register on my 3rd attempt and now own a couple of local streets in my town. It looks like people have swarmed over all the major cities, buying everything expensive already, so it's probably easier to buy roads in places no one has heard of, heh.

I'm pretty sure I'd never actually pay money for this and I'm not sure how many other people would either, so I'm not sure what their plan is, really. It is, however, a random bit of fun to kill a spare 10 minutes in the day (assuming you can access it with all the server wonkyness).

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Is your browser window tall enough to display the "PLAY" button? With no dynamic resize or scroll-bar attached to the image I had to hit F11 to maximise the screen.

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If you can get in, you're prompted to search for a street to buy. When you click buy, it lets you register. That's if you can get in though, heh. I turned the Flash quality setting down to low, not sure if it helped or not, but the title screen certainly seemed less choppy afterwards.

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