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How do you add Texture wads to your wad, without screwing everything up?

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Yep, question in the title. Everytime I try and use the P_NAMES thing in XWE my level goes all abstract and I can't undo anything.

I'm not sure why Doom Builder 2 doesn't do this automatically when you add in texture resources at new level creation, as when you test the level the textures work. When you try and run it outside of DB2, nothing works. Makes little sense to me. But, I digress, my question is how do I add texture wads to my own wad.

I am using 3 wads: doom.wad (iwad), nb5texd2.wad, and MONTRES.wad (all credit goes to Nick Baker for the last two, there are very high quality and well done, thanks).

Also, once this is done, a release candidate for my next wad will be ready (if you guys don't remember, I did the one called "Complex of Uranus" and it sucked, so I've spent the last 6 or so months on this new one. Its taken a lot of time, but it looks splendid in comparison to the complex.wad) and I'll post that in WADs & Mods.

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I'm a bit fuzzy on bugs like this, been years since I messed with graphics. But I vaguely remember Doom freaking out when I had conflicting P_NAMES lumps. Try consolidating all textures/patches into one wad and one P_NAMES lump. This might not even be the problem though, but a thought.

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That doesn't exactly help, as I don't know how to exactly ADD texture wads to my wad.

I do know how to add pictures as textures to my wad using XWE, but separate WADs are different as they do not seem to work using my method for adding pictures.

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It's PNAMES, just in case you really have a lump named "P_NAMES".

The PNAMES lump in your WAD has to list every patch (wall graphic) used by the textures in all the WADs, and TEXTURE1 has to combine the definitions for all the textures you're going to use.

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