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custom bullet halp :) * i sux*

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hi, il jus try 2 make it simple

um.. well i have a custom projectile but when fired it WILL not show the bullet


i know its probly my failed script but can someone look at it for me?

thx in advance :)

Its in the Decorate File of the wad :)

ACTOR *weap name*
	Radius 50
	Height 8
	Speed 100
	Damage 50

	ONE0 A 1
	TNT1 A 1

	ONE0 A 6 bright
	TNT1 A 1

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Assuming the graphic is in your WAD and suitably aligned...

Speed 100 is pretty quick so it may just be getting to its target before you even see it.

TNT1A0 is invisible. Your projectile is invisible half the time anyway according to your code (assuming that ONE0A0 is a visible sprite).

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