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Add Monsters don't show in Doom Builder

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I taked new (more) monsters in the skulltag.wad (with XWE), und I started Doom Builder and used Things Mode.
Now the list shows not new monsters. And the pics and names of original monsters get f***ked up. (But right old monsters in test mode!)

Was the hell go here on?
How I can take new monsters in the list (and so taking in levels)?

- SourcePort SkullTag (wad and pk3)
- Based on doom2.wad
- Doom Builder

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At the top of the DECORATE lump for each custom monster, there is usually an ACTOR number. (If there isn't you can just add one yourself)

Take note of what this number is.

Then when you go into Doombuilder, place a thing where you want the monster, and change the thing type to the number of the custom monster actor. (You must also know how big the custom monster is, because custom monsters do not have their bounding boxes around them to help you when placing them.)

The monster should show up then when you load your level. (Assuming you have loaded the monster correctly in XWE.)

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You can add it by actor number, but if you want it will be shown iin doom builder do this:
You can find decorate lump alredy in skulltag.wad. Copy new decorate lump to old decorate lump and delete decorate lump of custom monster (Tell me if you didn't understood). Now custom monster (or weapon) is showing under "DECORATE" in Doom Builder.

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After the first "{" of the monster code, you could add "$Category monsters" (without the quotations of course). This way, the monster will appear with the other monsters in Doom Builder.

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