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What is the PainChance, a file in DECORATE lump?
What are the numbers 0-256 after "PainChance:"?
Sorry, but iI understanding not the definition in ZDoomWiki...
(-> my english is bad)

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Each time a monster is damaged by any single attack (projectile, pellet or whatever) there is a chance (X in 256) that it will go into its pain state, making a pained sound and looking like it's been hurt. It refers to that. The higher the value, the more likely that the monster will go into that pain state for each damaging phenomenon.

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When a monster is pained, its JUSTATTACKED flag is set, which means that the next time it's going to attack, in the function that makes it choose between going into the Missile state, the Melee state, or wait some more, it'll use a missile attack (if it has one) even if it is within melee range. This is especially noticeable for revenants who have a much larger melee range than other monsters.

This is in addition to being put in the Pain state and doing whatever actions the pain state makes it do. Playing a pain sound, for example, is caused by A_Pain.

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Gez said:

When a monster is pained, its JUSTATTACKED

It's JUSTHIT. And if a monster has this on spawn (by Dehacked), he'll attack as soon as he sees you. Normally this should happen in the middle of combat immediately after you flinch him, but there's an additional check that's based on their walking pattern and usually inhibits attacking (monsters with JUSTHIT will simply attack the first time this check allows it). This is why monsters on very small towers tend to rarely attack and why are they so slow reacting compared to enemies in other games.

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