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DB2 - Strange sector behaviors (1 is editor only)

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The first issue I'm having is every now and again, when I create a sector inside of a sector (let's say for a drop down light), the sector created (using vert mode) is like an outside sector; impassable linedefs (easily changed), and it requires a middle texture, regardless of how I modify the sector.

I mean, I could be wrong, but what I *think* is going on is that the editor is assuming, for some reason, that it's a pillar (hence why it requires a middle texture even though there's a floor, ceiling, upper and lower textures). Again, regardless of how I modify the sector (light, height, textures, linedef options, etc.) The one time I actually took a map like this into zdoom, it was bizarre. I have a work-around, (create the sector off in the ether, move it to wherever), I was just curious if this was a known bug or not.

My second question is not really a problem (as far as I know), but sometimes, the flooor (and I'm assuming ceiling too) will ignore a vertice, like if you have a U or n shaped set of stairs that expand outward at all sides


(sorry for the crappy formatting, hopefully you get what I mean)

one of the sectors just kind of ignores a vertex and bleeds across into the other sector. This hasn't affected any of my maps as far as I can tell, just curious if anyone else had this problem, and if so, how did they fix it. Sometimes redrawing the sector fixes it, sometimes moving the vertex away and then back fixes it, sometimes, it just kinda bleeds. Does not appear in zdoom (at least, I'm assuming it doesn't, it seems to only happen on stairs or when I manually grade brightness {new to editing, haven't even begun to look at scripting or dynamic lights or sector coloring}).

Anyways, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Possibly important info:

ZDooM in DooM format
Custom texture wad (ripped from Q and Q2 {yeah, original, I know}, has occurred before I made the custom texture wad, so I doubt the custom texture wad matters, but meh)
Fairly high thing counts (don't know if that matters or not)
Not very complex maps (hey, it's only been like 14 years since I've even looked at a wad editor :P) Maaaaaybe 5-10k vertices
No Scripts
No linedef sector switching whatever the room-over-room stuff is

If you want screens, I can probably get you some screens, might take me a while (happens once in a very great while, like, once or twice every two or three {small} maps).

Again, thanks in advance for any help you might or might not be able to offer ^_-

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Upgraded to the newest version, and after some random seeded sector creations, I was able to reproduce the "bleeding" error, but again, it doesn't affect zdoom, it's an editor only bug. It's not a major issue, I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced the problem.

I was unable to recreate the other "pillarized sector" error.

Thanks for the help hawkwind ^_-

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I didn't know that, that's pretty useful... I just tried it though, and the main difference is that the sector created isn't a void, it's a sector. There's a floor, a ceiling, and even in-game, when I noclip (zdoom) into it, the floor and ceiling are there. It's a sector, just for some reason it refuses to acknowledge that it's not a void (other than rendering the floor and ceiling).

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