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Monster Infighting, kinda....

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Now, I know you can edit the mapinfo lump to make monsters infight normally, fight other species of monsters, or toal infighting, but what I'm curious about, is how would one go about making "factions" of monsters.

For exmaple, I want the "marines" to fight the hellspawn; I have small groups of marines (3 or 4 former humans, 2 sarge's and a chaingunner) that I want to fight against the various groups of demons (some imps and a demon, or some imps and a hell knight, or some lost souls and a cacodemon).

Basically, what I'm asking for is a way to take various monsters (thing IDs or whatever), and group them into groups.

Former Human
Former Sargeant
SS Soldier (in case I want to change their graphics and make them not so secret level cameo-ish)

Lost Soul
Pain Elemental
Hell Knight
Baron of Hell

Indiscriminate Killers
Spider Mastermind

All categories would, of course, still be hostile to the player. I've been playing with the monster target, but I think I'm not quite getting how it's used because it doesn't seem to work too well for what I'm going for.

Would this require scripting, dehacking, lump manipulation, or is it not feasible?

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If you are using doom builder, select zdoom (doom in hexen format) or skulltag (doom in hexen format) when you start making new map. Now, when you go to things, there is marines. Choose marine and it's weapon and check "friendly" (you can make friendly monsters too). Then marines kills monsters not player.

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