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change ceiling texture doesn't work

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I'm using a BOOM editor and trying to lower a ceiling and change it from F_SKY1 to something else once a line is crossed. I use the general ceiling mover and enter these parameters -

W1 move ceiling up (so that it happens instantaneously) to lowest nearest ceiling, change texture.

The ceiling does instantaneously move down to where I want it to go, but the texture does not change. I figured the texture would be changed to the same texture as the lowest nearest ceiling, but apparently not. What am I missing?



Edit: I think I figured it out. It's the switch's line def's first sector reference that determines the texture, isn't it?

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Yeah, it'll change to whatever the ceiling flat of the sector the linedef is facing.

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Or use "numeric" instead of "trigger", so it changes to the same texture which the surrounding sector has.

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