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Unnamed Project

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I've been working on a megawad for some time now, some of you may have seen the WIP page (http://wadsinprogress.info/?a=listwads&wad=953). Since I'm nearing completion of this I thought I'd share some more detailed screenies.

Since this will be the first wad I will have released I'm looking for some critique in these shots.

MAP01: Nukage Disposal 100% (Beta Ready)
MAP02: Installation 100% (Beta Ready)
MAP03: Power Complex 100% (Beta Ready)
MAP04: Sanitaton 90% (Route Changing and Visual Tweaking)
MAP05: The Starbase ~15%
MAP06: The Anomaly 100% (Beta Ready)
MAP07: Sepulcher ~80% (complete rework started)
MAP08: The Daemon Lord Shrine 80% (complete rework, some nice new textures :D)
MAP09: And Unto Hell 80%
MAP10: Final Atonement ~40% (not sure what to do with this, most likely another complete rework)

Ok, the screens...


Ive been working some time on this, as I have reworked much of the original maps, MAP01 (being my first ever map) is in its 6th or 7th incarnation :P

EDIT: Added some map info

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This looks great! Pretty decent first release dude, some of your designs are really creative and unique, and you've integrated non-Doom visuals quite well into a fairly classic-looking environment.

Fingers crossed it plays as well as it looks :)

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Those screenshots are excellent. Looking forward to seeing progress on this. Screen06 is my favorite, looks awesome.

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@ Patrick, no its a sky that I've had rotting on my HDD for a while, I made it ages ago in PS as a big (1024x512) texture, I just rescaled it for ingame and touched it up.

I've changed quite a lot in MAP04 now, I got to a stage where I had completed the map, but decided to redo certain areas, which has now satisfied me.

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